Teet Whitening after Braces

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Young woman with brackets on teeth

So, you have been wearing your braces for a while now and will soon get them removed. You want your smile to be the best it’s ever been and would like to get your teeth whitened to make sure not only the shape, but also the color of your teeth are perfect. If you find yourself in this situation you might be asking yourself, how do I whiten my teeth after having used braces? Should I wait? Should I have them whitened right away? How?

We are here today to answer all this questions so that you can start showing off that brilliant smile of yours in no time!

Why would you want to whiten your teeth after braces?

There are several reasons why people who have used braces seek a teeth whitening treatment right after getting their braces removed.

For one, most people remember their braces days as some of the most embarrassing, specially kids. Not being able to smile in photographs or even express yourself comfortably in public can really make you avoid those kind of situations all together, and when your braces come off you want to be able to show your smile proudly and with confidence.

Braces also make it difficult to brush your teeth properly. So no matter how much you care about your horal hygiene, it isn’t rare for teeth to go a couple shades yellower during the treatment, especially if you had to wear braces for a long period of time.

Last but not least. The cement that is used to attach your braces to your teeth is totally unartful and does not affect your enamel layer in any way, however, the area were the cement was present has stayed protected from food and drinks, while the rest of your teeth was exposed to these aggressions all the time. Over time it is possible that the exposed area has gotten a bit yellower while the protected one remained the same color. In some cases, the difference in color is such that it’s notable. A whitening treatment can make sure your teeth color is even again.

Is it safe to whiten teeth after braces?

It is just as safe to get your teeth whitened after having used braces as it is at any other point in time.

Having used braces really makes no differences when it comes to teeth whitening as your braces were merely attached to the surface of your teeth with a special cement that does not damage your enamel layer in any way.

Just remember that bleaching treatments are not recommended for kids under 18 years old, regardless of whether they used braces or not. In this case you will want to ask your dentist for the best option to get your kids teeth whitened after his or her braces are removed.

Should I wait to whiten my teeth after braces?

In theory there is no reason why you should wait to get your teeth whitened after using braces. Your teeth aren’t more delicate or sensitive after having your braces removed.

The only reason why you might want to wait a little bit is to make sure that any residual glue is removed from the surface of your teeth, otherwise different parts of your teeth will whiten differently as some areas of your enamel might still be protected by an invisible layer of glue.

If you are going to have your teeth whitened by the same dentist who is removing your braces, then he or she will recommend that you come back in a few weeks or start the treatment right away depending on how easily the cement came off in your particular case.

If you are going to get your teeth whitened at home with an over the counter bleaching kit, then you might want to use a polishing solution first for a week or so to make sure any remaining glue is gone. You can use some charcoal powder every other day for a week or brush with a whitening toothpaste before getting started with the bleaching treatment.

How should I whiten my teeth after braces?

You have several options as for how you should get your teeth whitened after your braces are removed.

The first and most obvious is getting your teeth whitened by your dentist. He has been following your case closely, he is probably the same who put those braces on in the first place, so he’ll have more information than anyone and will be able to give you the best in-house treatment for your particular case.

If you want to go with an over-the-counter kit instead, either because you run out of a budget after the braces treatment or because your dentist didn’t think you needed a whitening treatment because of your braces, but you would still like to improve your color by a few shades, then you can purchase any of the bleaching kits available and use them in the comfort of your own home for a fraction of the price of what an in-house treatment would cost.