3 Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

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Before all the teeth whitening chemical solutions came along people were still concerned about the color of their teeth and developed some teeth whitening home remedies using all natural products helped get their teeth whiter.

These remedies won’t produce the results that a bleaching kit would, they will also take much longer, but if you only want to whiten your teeth slightly and aren’t looking for a dramatic change you might want to give one of the following teeth whitening home remedies a try.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedy #1: Eat Strawberrieseat-strawberries

Some fruits can actually do damage to your smile over time because of the acid they contain. Fruits that cause this decay belong to the citrus family. There has been some evidence that those who consume strawberries actually have whiter, stronger teeth. This is largely due to the harmless acid, malic acid, that’s contained within them. It may also have something to do with their high vitamin C content.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedy #2: Baking Soda

baking-sodaWomen used to use baking soda for a lot in their beauty routine. It was often dumped into bath water to act as a cleanser. While methods for getting clean have changed, the power of backing soda has not. It’s still a powerful, yet gentle, cleanser that can remove all the tarnishes that are responsible for discoloring your teeth.

In order to apply baking soda to your teeth you can simply mix it with your regular tooth paste and brush your teeth normaly.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedy #3: Drinks Lots of Water

drink-lots-of-waterWater is necessary for both your oral health and physical health. When you become dehydrated, your mouth dries up. This creates an environment that’s suitable for cavity causing bacteria and plaque, two of the main reason for yellow teeth, to build up in.

Drinking plenty of water also helps food particles escape from in-between your teeth.


These tricks should keep your smile white and healthy until your next, dental check-up.