About Teeth Whitening Strips

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Teeth whitening strips offer consumers an in-home solution for dull and yellowing teeth. If you case of yellowing teeth isn’t severe and you don’t want to rip your wallet, then teeth whitening strips are a great solution. Teeth whitening strips may make your monthly, oral-hygiene run a little more expensive, but they’re an effective alternative to having costly bleaching procedures done.

What are Teeth Whitening Strips Made Of?

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Strips in a teeth whitening kits are extremely thin pieces of plastic that are coated with safe, food-grade, hydrogen peroxide gel. Their thinness allows them to conform comfortably to the shape of any mouth. They’re flexible enough to conform to a jaw as small as a child’s.

How Long do I Need to Keep them On?

Using teeth whitening strips can be fitted in as part of your nightly ritual. Put them on before doing anything else as you’re getting ready for bed. They only need to be kept on for thirty minutes (time might vary depending on each product specifications) a day and the full treatment usually lasts for 2 weeks.

Another advantage is you can pretty much go about your life while you are wearing them. As long as you don’t engage into any activity which require using your mouth insensibly (such as eating) you can work, watch TV or do laundry while you are wearing the strips. Some strips will even allow you to drink water if you have fixed them properly.

Some people think they’ll get whiter, shinier teeth if they keep the strips on longer than indicated, however keeping them longer won’t give you better results, it will just create more potential for damage.

How Long do the Results Last?

Teeth whitening strips start to offer results within a few days. The maximum results you’ll see will be at the end of the fourteen days treatment period.

The results created from the whitening strips should last anywere from a few months to a few years, mostly depending on your daily routines, what foods you eat, what drinks you drink, an most importantly how often you brush your teeth and how well you keep up with your oral-hygiene.

While whitening strips are cheaper, the results produced by them aren’t as dramatic as other bleaching home based whitening kits.

Oral Hygiene Habits are still Important

Teeth whitening strips can make your mouth aesthetically pleasing, but they won’t hide a lack of oral hygiene from your dentist. Keep up with regular brushing and flossing. It’s the only way to prevent dental problems like cavities. Plus, brushing is also crucial to prevent discoloration. It is responsible for removing plaque and tarter.