Benefits of having a White Smile

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If asked most people would agree they would like to have whiter smile, but have you ever stop to think about all the benefits that having a white smile can bring to your daily life? It’s not only about looking prettier, your smile says much more about who you are than you think and this has a direct impact in your work, your personal relationships and the opportunities you might get in the future. So keep reading because as you’ll learn in the following paragraphs investing in having a whiter smile can be one of the best investments you’ve done in a long time!

Benefits of having a white smileAs we all know you only get one chance at first impressions, and whether we like it or not first impression do matter, a lot! Even if we don’t do in intentionally our brains are wired to categorize people based on their looks, how tall they are, how thin they are, how they dress, whether they smile or not… Of course this doesn’t mean someone who is poorly dressed can’t be intelligent or interesting, or that someone who is shy and serious can’t be the soul of the party when he or she is amongst family or close friends. But still we tend to build and idea of who someone is in a large variety of aspects of his/her life just by looking at them and interacting with them for the first couple of minutes.

What your smile says about you

Just by improving the color of your teeth by a few shades will immediately make you look 5 to 10 years younger. Having a white smile will also project to other people the idea that you are healthy and care about your health, which is very important when you are looking to interact with other people, whether it is for work or in your personal life. People are more attracted to you when they think you care about yourself, and nothing shows you care about yourself more than a white smile.

Now the benefits of having a white smile aren’t just what other people think about you just for having white teeth, it’s also about how you feel and how you behave when you know you have a beautiful smile.

A smile you can be proud of will boost your confidence, especially when engaging in conversations or other social events. Not only you won’t be afraid of people seeing your teeth, you’ll actually be proud of your smile and have no problem to show it in group photos, profile pictures, etc. That will immediately make you stand out from the rest, not only while at the event itself but also afterword’s when people look at those photos and remember when they were shot. You’ll become more memorable, and memory is a funny thing… We tend to polarize our memories, we remember the bad things worse than they actually were and the good things better, which means people will think of you as more approachable, funny and charismatic than you actually are! (that doesn’t mean you really aren’t of course!).

People are drawn to people who seem confident with themselves, which means there’ll be more people in your circles if you have a white smile than if you don’t, and that is always a good thing as networking has become a form of power these days… you’ll never know when you’ll need to make a call, ask for a favor, an introduction… let people remember you when you call them!

At work

Benefits of having a white smile at workThe benefits of having a white smile at work are immense, and even more so if you are job hunting.

When companies are looking to hire they want to hire people who have their sheet together, who know what they are doing and can add value to their businesses without bringing in trouble.

A white smile shows that you are healthy, which means you won’t be calling in for sick days often. A white smile also shows that you have your preferences in order and value your looks more than let’s say, getting drunk at the bar, it shows that you regularly take the time to brush your teeth, go to the dentist and take care of your oral health in general, and that automatically makes a potential employer assume you will proceed in the same manner in other aspects of your life too.

Even before a job interview your white smile will start working from you by making you stand out from the pile of resumes that employees have to look at.

Once you get that interview studies show that a white smile will make you 65% more professional that someone with yellow teeth, and that you’ll have a 58% higher chance of getting hired with a 53% higher salary, which makes the investment in a teeth whitening treatment totally worth it as it will pay for itself in no time!

When socializing

Benefits of having a white smile when socializingHaving a great smile is also key when socializing with other people, whether they are friends, family or a boyfriend/girlfriend.

In this aspect of your life teeth whitening is even more crucial not only because of how other people might judge you, after all they’re probably well over the first impression phase and know you pretty well, but because of how being proud or your smile will make you feel.

Not having to worry about hiding your smile from others will allow you to truly be yourself, smile, talk louder, get closer to someone when you need to, whisper to someone’s ear… the fewer things you have to be worrying about while interacting with others the more you’ll be able to focus on the conversation, the more details you’ll get about what others are saying and the better you’ll fit into that group.

Love life

Benefits of having a white smile for your love lifeYour love life is a whole different level of social interaction. If you are having a stable long term relationship the benefits of having a healthy smile are as simple as this. Think about how you’ll like your partner to look, how would you like him/her if they had yellow teeth? And how would you like them if they had a brighter smile than they do? Well if you do appreciate a white healthy smile on your partner there is no reason to think they won’t as well!

Having a whiter smile probably won’t make or break your long term relationship, but remember, it’s the small details that keep it going!

Now if you are single… well if you are single you NEED to get a whiter smile RIGHT NOW! If you are dating other people you need to make a great first impression. The same way you care about what you’ll be wearing to that first, second, third date, you need to care about your smile and what it’ll be saying about you. Would you rather have it say “I’m a clean, organized, self-caring person” or “I still have so much to figure out I can’t even find the time to take care of myself”?

Studies show 59% of people who have had their teeth whitened are seen as more outgoing during a first date and had more chances of being asked for a second date. Participants in the study came to this conclusion regardless of gender, age, income, education employment or marital status. So really a white healthy smile is a universal language that reflects success and trustworthiness.


The conclusion is simple, there just isn’t one good reason not to have a white smile you can be proud of. Only good things can happen from having a healthy smile, and with so many options available there just isn’t any good excuse not to get your teeth whitened whenever you feel your teeth start to lose their natural shine and color.

If you feel like you only need to improve your teeth color by a couple of shades there are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening kits you can use at the comfort of your own home for a very reasonable price. Or if you feel like your case is more severe you can always visit the dentist and let him asses the best treatment for you, which might also include some at-home treatment.