Professional Dental Lab Direct, 38% Carbamide Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel

FREE SHIPPING! #1 38% Teeth Whitening Gel From Whiter Smile Labs, specializing in High Quality FDA Compliant, Dentist recommended whitening gels and custom fitted trays to clients all over the world. Same products that Dentists sell for 3-5 times the price. Buy direct and save.
Includes 5 X-LARGE- 38% Premium , High Intensity Carbamide Peroxide Gel, Professional Strength, High Intensity, Sensitivity Free Formula. Fastest Results That Last! FRESH, Concentrated gel , same size syringe and gel that your Dentist sells for over 4 times the price. You only need a small dab in each cavity of the tray per tooth, Concentrated dental quality gel goes a long way.
Gel is thick so it stays in the tray, and on your teeth, NOT all over your gums. Many others are thin and leak out of the tray. Customer’s report 6-10 SHADES WHITER in a single treatment cycle, which is 7-8 days, with NO SENSITIVITY! MOST GET OVER 2 FULL CYCLES OUT OF THIS PACK! Now with NEW PRECISION GEL DISPENSING TIP! DISPENSES EASILY AND EVEN!

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