A+ Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips

Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips – Mint Flavor
Easy to apply, smile makeover in 14 days. Very noticeable whiter teeth. No mouth trays, no gels tubes, no pens, just easy to apply teeth whitening strips. 100% enamel safe. Long lasting results. Each sealed pouch contains 1 set for one day. You can carry the sealed pouches with you anywhere you go.
6% hydrogen peroxide

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Lumeeno™ Professional Strength Double Elastic Gel Teeth Whitening Strips

The Lumeeno teeth whitening strips easy to use mint flavored adhesive strips with a 6% Hydrogen Peroxide concentration get that will lighten the color of your teeth over the course of a two-week treatment.

The Lumeeno teeth whitening strips are not only 100% safe for your enamel and gums but are also very convenient since each set of strips comes individually wrapped so that you can take them with you and apply them whenever its more convenient, such as at the office, during your workout routine or at home while cooking or doing laundry.

Each set of strips is used for 15 to 30 minutes and the whole treatment consists of 14 of these short sessions.

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