What Causes Yellow Teeth?

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Nobody likes having yellow teeth. We all dream of having a white smile we can be proud of so that we can be ourselves when surrounded by others, smile and laugh without worrying about showing our teeth. There are several solutions, both in-office and over-the-counter, to whiten your teeth if you are not happy with your current color, however knowing what causes yellow teeth might actually help you prevent them from getting yellow in the first place. So what causes yellow teeth? Here are a few of them you can start working on right away!

Cabonated Drinks

What Causes Yellow Teeth: Carbonated DrinksCarbonated drinks, such as Coke, Sprite and many others, are often high in sugar. Sugar causes tooth decay which is sure to result in discoloration.

Even if the carbonated drink you enjoy happens to be sugar free, the chemical reaction that makes the drink bubbly can also cause damage to your tooth enamel causing the change in color of your teeth over time.


What Causes Yellow Teeth: TabaccoTobacco’s bad for us for obvious reasons. The last thing you should be concerned about is the teeth discoloration when you’re addicted. Still, it’s one more reason why it’s time to quite.

Nicotine will stick to your teeth and because nicotine is naturally yellow the impact on your teeth color will be dramatic in a very short period of time. You only need to look at the fingers with which smokers hold their cigarettes to understand the that nicotine has to stain whatever it touches.

Coffe and Tea

What Causes Yellow Teeth: Coffee and TeaCoffee in moderation will not cause discoloration. Drinking a lot of it though can stain your teeth.

Liquids in general tend to cause yellow teeth faster than food because the tiny particles it’s made of have better chances of getting stuck between your teeth or attached to your teeth enamel than larger chunks of food.

There is no need to say coffee is one of the darkest drinks we consume and therefore has more power to stain your teeth than other drinks. However, remember that tea can creates stains in your teeth too.