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Is Chlorhexidine safe for your teeth?

Chlorhexidine is an antibacterial used as an antiseptic which is a common ingredient in mouthwashes, were it’s used to help reduce dental plaque and oral bacteria. However it is also important to notice that using chlorhexidine can have side

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What is bruxism and why you should care

Bruxism is actually the technical term for teeth grinding, which is a much more descriptive term for what bruxism really is. Bruxism is the involuntary act of grinding your teeth, either while you are awake or while you are asleep, also known

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How to keep your gums healthy

When it comes to keeping a good oral hygiene it’s not just about your teeth. No matter how white and straight your teeth are, you won’t truly have a healthy mouth unless you keep your gums healthy too. Many people forget about this, mainly

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Teet Whitening after Braces

So, you have been wearing your braces for a while now and will soon get them removed. You want your smile to be the best it’s ever been and would like to get your teeth whitened to make sure not only the shape, but also the color of your

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Teeth Whitening when Pregnant

Many women who are expecting consider getting their teeth whitened while their wait for the baby to arrive. There are many reasons why an expecting mom would want to get her teeth whitening. For one physical activities might become more and

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Teeth Whitening with Baking Soda

If you’ve found this page you are probably looking for a recipe to create your own teeth whitening toothpaste using baking soda. We don’t want to trick you and we will explain how baking soda can help you whiten your teeth in just a minute,

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Philips Sonicare 5 Series Healthywhite Rechargeable Toothbrush

This toothbrush is probably the one that’s earned more compliments within the Philips Sonicare line for its sleek design and powerful features.

  • Sleek design
  • Remove stains to maintain your winning smile
  • Select a comfortable setting
  • Make sure your brush for the recommended amount of time

$119.99 $99.95$119.99

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‘Tuxedo’ All Natural Coconut Charcoal Teeth Whitening by Rocky Mountain Essentials

TUXEDO’s all natural whitening formula gently removes stains from coffee, wine, etc. to reveal whiter, brighter teeth. This formula also helps strengthen you teeth enamel and builds healtier gums prefenting bacteria from forming in your mouth.

Use in place of regular toothpaste, or use our powder before your normal brushing routine. This 34 gram jar last months!

Buy with the confidence of knowing that TUXEDO’s all natural whitening powder is manufactured in the USA with hand picked coconuts from Sri Lanka.


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Colgate Optic White Mouthwash Sparkling, Fresh Mint

One of the easiest ways to whiten your teeth!

Its 2% Hydrogen Peroxide formula effectively whitens teeth by removing surface stains and preventing new stains from forming.

Whitens up to 3 shades when used together with Colgate Optic White Toothpaste (twice daily brushing for 4 weeks).


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Beyond Dental & Health Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator

Revolutionize your teeth with the Gemini Teeth Whitening System in just 1 hour!

Developed by BEYOND Dental & Health Inc., global leaders in teeth whitening products, the new Gemini home whitening system guarantees fresh, safe, and brilliant results in just ONE HOUR! With over 10 years of experience, BEYOND has generated an advanced system that is designed for you and defined for your smile in the comfort of your home.

Read a full review of the Beyond Dental & Health Gemini Teeth Whitening Accelerator here.


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Shine Whitening First Class Whitening Kit. Gel + LED + Moldable Retainer Case

Whiten your smile with Shine Whitening First Class home teeth whitening kit. Shine Whitening uses the same professional grade whitening gel that dentists use for a fraction of the cost.

What makes this kit better than other is its unique mouth impression tray which you will literaly stick your teeth into the first time in order to create a tray that fits YOUR teeth perfectly. This solution no only ensure that the gel really gets to all your teeth but is also much more comfortable to wear that other fit-all trays.

Simply load the gel into the included mouth trays, and insert snugly against your teeth, and wait for 5-15 minutes for best results. Results can be seen after only a few uses.

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Beaming White Premium Home Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

Visible results after 1st use and whitens up to 12 shades! Thi is the same kit offered by dentists with professional-grade whitening gel.

The kit is perfect for as a stand-alone home whitening treatment or as a follow-up to a laser teeth whitening treatment. Simply the kit once or twice a day for 30 to 60 minutes. There is enough gel for at least 10 applications.

$49.99 $11.49

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